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Our Food

the town fries

Picture it: perfectly crispy fries topped with bacon, local white cheese and cheese sauce. Now add your choice of protein: Skirt Steak, Pulled Pork, Shrimp, Chicken or King Crab or more than one. Remember to ask for our Pompa Sauce to make your meal a worthy celebration.

Exquisite Mojitos

We love our alcohol, specially in summer days (but any days is just as good). Puertorrican summer is very hot and humid, that calls for something refreshing like our Mojitos. It’s a hit among locals and they will tell you that you need to try one. We offer different flavors and any will pair perfectly with our meals.

The Best Burgers in Town

We can agree that Burgers just hit different. Its a perfect spot between safisfaction and food comma. Quality ingredients is our top priority, and that results in exquisite, juicy, irresistible burgers. Mix your meats, add sauces and cheeses but never forget to ask for Pompa Sauce because it will just make everything better.

Our Pompa Sauce

Bacon White Sauce. I know, that your mouth just waters at the thought. Our signature Pompa sauce brings joy to any meal. It can be used as a dipping sauce, or a topper on your meal. It’s seriously the best, and you will love it more in each taste.

yuca mofongos?

If you’ve been long enough in the island, you should know by now our Mofongo. It’s usually made with fried plantains but here at Burger Town we use Yuca (yucca or cassava). It’s a twist on a classic meal that is very famous on our restaurant for it’s crispy and fluffiness. Its a great entree or a side dish. We recommend our iconic Salsa Pompa to brighten up the flavors and take your Mofongo experience to a whole another level.

Criollo puertoriqueño

Amazing Authentic Puertorrican Cuisine waits for you! Our Arroz Mamposteao’ (puertorrican rice and stewed beans) is a must that can be paired with our exquisite Pollo Encebollao’ (chicken simmered with onions) to our juicy Churrasco (skirt steak). Tostones (fried plantains) are a must to be paired with any meal. Burger Town offers you the oportunity to bless your taste buds with local authentic food.

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