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About Us

How It All Started

Burger Town started early to mid 2016 with the goal so satisfy the desire of puertorican food that many crave, the two owners Rafael and Uriel had a humble life before starting their first restaurant Burger Town.

Burger Town has many plates to offer, mostly puertorican foods with a extra different touch from other spots around the island, like the famous Mofongo, at Burger Town we only work with Mofongo de Yuca rather than the traditional Mofongo de Platano and many clients come thinking it's just a traditional mofongo but then be suprised that its made from Yuca and they still love it even more than the traditional.

But our best speciality is our homemade sauce, we call it Pompa Sauce, a white sauce with the main ingredient and base being bacon, giving it that extra flavor that can in the end make the whole thing more addicting.

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